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            Welcome to visit the website of Wuxi Xihua Foundry Co., LTD.
            National sales service hotline:0510-85608288
            Technology and equipment

            Quality Control

            Wuxi Xihua Foundry Co., Ltd. not only pays attention to the quality assurance function of production equipment, but also pays attention to the quality management method, making great efforts on "prevention in advance, continuous improvement", and continuously strengthening the control of all personnel and the whole process.

            PARLEC Tool Presetting Instrument ZEISS CMM  ZEISS CMM 

            Raw material testing laboratory Nondestructive Testing (UT) Nondestructive Testing (UT)

            金相實驗室 Chemistry laboratory Portable 3D Scanner from Canada

            Ultrasonic flaw detector Ultrasonic flaw detector Paint film thickness gauge
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