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            Welcome to visit the website of Wuxi Xihua Foundry Co., LTD.
            National sales service hotline:0510-85608288
            Company Profile


            Wuxi Xihua Foundry Co., LTD. Founded in 1999, including two plants, foundry plant – Jiangsu Xihua Foundry Co., Ltd. is located in Taixing, Jiangsu province with over 70,000 tons annual capacity, machining plant - Wuxi Xihua Foundry Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province with over 4,500 sets output of gearbox casting components including housing, flange, torque arm and planet carrier, covering 1-10MW wind power gearbox.

            Wuxi Xihua Foundry Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi National Hudai Industrial Park, nearby the scenic Taihu Lake, covers 33,000 square meters, has four categories of machining equipment, qualified for machining parts with medium - large contour and high precision grade 5 to grade 6::

            CNC Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine: 23 sets, including HECKERT, TOSHIBA and MICROCUT etc.

            CNC Vertical Lathing Center: 10 sets from domestic suppliers, 10 sets imported from Taiwan, the max. machining capability is 4 meters diameter and 3 meters height.

            CNC Gantry Type Milling Machining Center: including 3 sets OKUMA with 5-axis, 7 sets HISION and several sets other domestic brands. The max. machining capability is 5 meters length, 3 meters width and 2.6 meters height.

            CNC Gear Shaping Machine: 3 sets.

            We have equipped with four sets of Gantry Type ZEISS CMM with precision 3.2μ, PARLEC tool presetting equipment and other inspection instruments.

            In order to sustain the high and stable precision of all finish machining, we established 4 constant-temperature workshops, and the fluctuation of temperature can be controlled at ±1 ℃ anytime.

            Wuxi machining plant not only has advantages of highly precision facilities but also has many talent engineers. At present, there are 15 full-time technology engineers and over 30 inspection personnel, certified with professional certificates and occupational certificates.

            Wuxi machining plant is committed to team building and excellent workshop management, certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other professional certifications.

            無We provide products and service for domestic and international leading gearbox companies, such as ZF, Siemens, Winergy, NGC and Moventas etc.

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